Independent 2023
The Meeting -  NYC
May 2023

Presentation Details
Bill Cournoyer | The Meeting will exhibit a solo presentation of paintings and sculptures by Andrew Chapman. The Los Angeles-based artist’s practice is driven by a preternatural attention to surface and materials, generating effects that teeter between familiarity and otherworldliness. Although some works evoke antecedents from the history of abstraction—the grid, the machine age—and others yield hints of figuration, such likenesses are fleeting. The mesmerizing surfaces of Chapman’s panels eschew discernible forms of painterly mark-making, obscuring his meticulous process even as they invite and reward close scrutiny. His art objects ask viewers to participate in the act of narrative construction, immersing themselves in an archive shrouded in enigma.

About the Gallery
The Meeting, founded in 2016 by Bill Cournoyer, is a New York based art advisory, art consultancy and private exhibition space specializing in contemporary art, located in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Its name references the painting “The Meeting, Or Bonjour Monsieur” by Gustave Courbet, a masterpiece that depicts an encounter between the artist and his patron, and which defines the synergetic relationship between them. The Meeting’s exhibition program specializes in promoting the work of emerging artists.